Welcome to Inknetic Studio

Welcome to Inknetic Studio

Experience the difference of a family-oriented tattoo studio in Bismarck, ND

Looking for a comfortable and safe tattoo studio in Bismarck, ND? We are a family-owned tattoo studio that takes pride in our professionalism, cleanliness, modern atmosphere, and friendly environment. The team ensures to always provide world class customer experience and quality tattoo services. Our talented artists settle for nothing less, but the highest standards and you can count on them to turn your AMAZING IDEAS INTO A REALITY!

Preparing for your appointment

Here's what you'll need to know beforehand:

  • Eat a heathy meal prior to your visit
  • We recommend bringing snacks and water with you, however, if you forget your welcome to help yourself to the goodies in the breakroom
  • Masks and hand sanitizer are always available for use if preferred
  • Children are welcome but must remain in the Lobby with adult supervision
  • Personal Identification Cards are required
    A parent or legal guardian must be present and consent for anyone under the age of 18 (Both IDs will be required)
  • Aftercare Instructions and Kit will be supplied
    Includes Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap, Unscented Lotion, Triple Antibiotic, and some swag for your enjoyment.
  • All forms of payment are accepted except checks

    When you walk into our studio, we want you to feel like you are at home in Bismarck, ND- From sitting by the fireplace in the lobby to helping yourself to our coffee bar and breakroom. In the breakroom you can help yourself to an assortment of refreshing beverages and snacks. If the kiddos come with, we have coloring books and/or puzzles to keep them occupied.

    When it comes time to begin your tattoo session- We take the time to make sure you are comfortable by offering the following:

    • Pillows
    • Blankets
    • Stress Balls
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Tv includes Netflix