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Your body is the most amazing canvas and getting a tattoo is an important life decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Every factor from design and placement to finding the right Tattoo Artist, must be considered to ensure a positive experience.

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Dan Sydlo

Dan Sydlo

Tattoo Artist/Owner

Alex Reuppel

Alex Reuppel


Hey Everyone, Name is Alex Reuppel. I was born and raised here in Bismarck where I graduated high school and received an Associates in Art at Bismarck State College. My favorite medium is colored pencils and regular pencils. I love the outdoors, hunting, and ice fishing. I am a huge horror fan! Movies, video games, anything creepy you name it! Music is also a big inspiration for my art! I like black and grey and anything traditional. I would like to be well rounded in all styles and find my favorite as time goes on. I want to focus on small pieces for the time being until I am comfortable to tackle more intricate and intense pieces.

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